What’s the good in learning about an important issue if you don’t tell other people about it? 

Since the advent of the internet and social media, we humans have shown an incredible desire to share absolutely everything we do, from the most trivial, the utmost personal, to the major events – nothing appears off limits. So surely, sharing how we, as individuals, contribute to sustainability efforts can’t be that hard, can it?

As travellers, we should be on a mission to make others aware of the issues the planet faces as a result of over-tourism and the existential threat it represents if left unchecked.

Equally, tourism-related providers should help travellers understand the sustainability issues they are facing, what action they can take and how travellers can support them in their endeavour.

Perhaps the most powerful tool available in the fight is the simple act of communicating experiences. Stories have always been a great way to get messages across. In this day and age with the power of the internet and the mass sharing social media venues available, it’s a simple matter for people to take on board what they have learnt and experienced and make sure others understand and can also learn.

A quick review of provider websites, particularly tour companies and comparison sites, shows people are very quick to report both bad and good experiences.

At IYP, we want to help people share their experiences, good and bad. We want to help get key messages out and show the part the visitors themselves play in travel sustainability efforts through their stories. We want to showcase truly outstanding initiatives by service providers and the experiences enjoyed by their guests.

Through clarity, conscience, commitment and communication, comes long term sustainability