It’s not enough to simply accept, travellers must develop a genuine conscience, a responsibility for the issues we face.

As the proverb says: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” The same could be said for sustainability initiatives. What on the surface may seem like a good sustainability effort, may have a darker side, where the often initial higher costs of such activities may be offset through corner-cutting elsewhere.

For sustainability efforts to be truly successful long term, educated travellers and providers clear on the issues have to develop a conscience and be ready to call out people, companies and practices that fall short of the ideals. For the travelling public to be able to provide meaningful and listened to feedback, or in more severe cases, to be able to ‘blow the whistle’ in complete anonymity.

It’s not enough for travellers and providers to simply acknowledge a problem, they need to own the problem and hold it close to their hearts. The frustration of somethingyou care deeply about being ignored or abused is something everyone understans – this needs to be the feeliong we have towards sustainability.

We aim to help travellers connect at an emotional level to the problems the planet faces and develop a conscience for sustainability issues; a conscience that not only reminds them of the impact they have but also empowers them to spot unsustainable actions and educate people.

Through clarity and conscience comes commitment.