A list of global travel sustainability issues to focus on

Ask anyone what their list of top sustainability issues is in regard to the travel industry and tourism globally and you’re probably going to get a huge range of options. Here’s our list.


Climate change and travel

Undoubtedly the most obvious issue we all face. Understanding the impact travel has specifically and how to mitigate its affects is a step in the right direction.

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Political & commercial conflicts of interest

When it comes to change, the biggest obstacles are often the impact on businesses and profits, which translates to lobby groups and government resistance. This has to change.

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Broader awareness and education

The travelling public is catching on to the issue of sustainable travel with nearly half of travellers reported as making sustainability a key issue when choosing a holiday or travel provider, but this must continue unabated.

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Acceptance, responsibility and ownership

While it’s easy to say we played our part, our responsibilities go further. Sustainability is a life issue, not a once or twice a year affair. We have to own the problem and live the solution.

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Destination management

Providers of destination facilities are the gateways to local experiences.

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